Why combining PRINCE2 with Scrum?

I think Scrum is great and we all should use the Scrum approach whenever possible. The ‘whenever possible’ bit does concern me. I’m not at all happy with the ‘implement Scrum as cleanly as possible and work from there’ approach. Sometimes the gap between reality and the ideal agile approach is too wide to bridge, which results in a failed project and frustrated people. It isn’t healthy nor productive and just isn’t necessary. (And also isn’t agile in itself).

I’ve learned by experience that there’s only so much change people can endure. A little bit of radical change so now and then is acceptable and healthy, but not too much in the same time frame and certainly some time is needed to get accustomed to the new situation. Implementing lean is also a lean process, an iterative process of change, learn and adapt.

So the first reason why I think PRINCE2 and Scrum combine very well is because people are accustomed to PRINCE2 and a PRINCE2 project management wrapper around Scrum makes the Scrum implementation much easier.
The second reason is because I think the PRINCE2/Scrum combination does add value to the customer.

That said, how in earth can a ‘heavyweight’ method like PRINCE2 be combined with a lightweight Scrum approach?