Ham::Resources::HamQTH patch

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Due to problems with the module XML::Reader, there has been a critical error by which the module HamQTH has stopped working.

To fix it must be replaced that module with XML::Reader::PP

To patch it changes this lines:


Ham::Resources::Utils a new perl module for Hams

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I have developed this new perl module so hams can calculate the course, distance and solar zone between two stations.

Ham::Resources::Utils uses coordinates between two points or through grid locator

… and more stuff!

Read more about this module here.

–Good Perl!–

Ham::Resources::HamQTH an alternative to QRZ.com

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Continuing with my purpose of create a new type of application for hams, I developed Ham::Resources::HamQTH perl module.
This perl module provides an easy way to access Amateur Radio callsign data from the HamQTH.com online free database.

This is an alternative to use QRZ.com that is currently subject to charges for application developers

Read more about this module here.