Moo, an small OO perl module

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Everybody known Moose, the easier way to do OOP, but … it’s result longer, weight and maybe absurd for little applications .

Possible solutions are Any::Moose or Mouse.

So, what is the best choice for OOP in little applications?
For me the answer is Moo.



Few days to go YAPC::EU 2012!!!

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Not much people goes to Frankfurt, but quality!!!

The organization of the YAPC Europe has published the schedule of conferences available, although a bit late in my opinion.

You can see the schedule here.

For my own part, I am excited to go (like every year). There are very interesting talks, … Frankfurt is a very interesting place to visit, and I am pleased to be reunited with old friends.

One of my great interests is the talk about Dancer 2.0 … and drink beer and eat “Frankfurter Würstchen”: p

Mojolicious talk from

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Our friend Diego Kuperman (DIEGOK), member, offered us a great talk about Mojolicious on the june meeting.

There was a good and funny presentation with a lot of attendees, where we ate and while all drank beer, Diego spoke with a contagious enthusiasm.

Now, Diego offers his presentation at github.
monthly meetings take place the last Thursday every month.

–Good Perl!–

YAPC::EU 2012 list talks now available

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Already published the list of talks for YAPC::EU in Frankfurt.

YAPC::EU 2012 logo

You can read it here.

It seems one of the main topics will be about “Dancer“, but for now it misses some talk of Perl 6.

For the moment does not seem that my friend, Bruno Maciej Czekay make any talk about the processing MIDI events in realtime, as it did in Riga. I must ask him about it ;p

–Good Perl!–

Ham::Resources::Utils a new perl module for Hams

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I have developed this new perl module so hams can calculate the course, distance and solar zone between two stations.

Ham::Resources::Utils uses coordinates between two points or through grid locator

… and more stuff!

Read more about this module here.

–Good Perl!–

Kiev proposal as YAPC::EU 2013 venue

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The and Perl monger groups, DeepText LLC propose to organise YAPC::Europe 2013 in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine.

These groups organized the YAPC::EU 2011 in Riga with 300 people attending the conference.


YAPC::EU 2013 in risk

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Still no YAPC::Euope 2013 proposals!!!

After the deadline for submitting requests for proposals to YAPC::EU 2013 has not received any.
This may cause not to hold the YAPC::Europe next year.


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