The new release of Ham::Reousrces::HamQTH is here.

In this version I added some new features and resolve some issues:

  • Added get_dxcc() function similar to get_bio(). You can call it with a valid DXCC code or an ADIF number, and return some information about the DXCC.
    my $dxcc = $qth->get_dxcc;
    foreach (sort keys %{$dxcc}) {
      print $_.": ".$dxcc->{$_}."\n";

    The response is like that (for example for ADIF 281):

     adif: 281
    continent: EU
    itu: 37
    lat: 41.416
    lng: -3.7
    name: Spain
    utc: -1
    waz: 14
  • Substituted the XML reader module by XML::LibXML::Reader.

You can know more about Ham::Resources::HamQTH here or through CPAN.

Good Perl 😉