Due to problems with the module XML::Reader, there has been a critical error by which the module HamQTH has stopped working.

To fix it must be replaced that module with XML::Reader::PP

To patch it changes this lines:

diff  Ham-Resources-HamQTH-0.05/lib/Ham/Resources/HamQTH.pm HamQTH-0.06b.pm
< use XML::Reader;
> use XML::Reader::PP;
< 	my $xml = XML::Reader->new(\$content);
> 	my $xml = XML::Reader::PP->new(\$content);

This patch is for all version of the module until version 0.05.
This bug will fixed in the next version of Ham::Resources::HamQTH.

Thanks to Tim – KY4J for his report.

Good Perl!