It seems that the Web has been with us forever, but it was not until April 30, 1993 when CERN officially announced by publishing a document that this great invention would be in the public domain, open to all and free of charge, giving the go-ahead to the many services we know today.

Now they wanted to commemorate the 20 years of history by starting the restoration of the first free and open site that released the first details about the then unknown project called World Wide Web.

In this first website we find a restored copy of the first web page considered public history, which includes a brief explanation of the project, some technical details on the W3 basic documentation and a guide on how to find information and how it works the “hypertext”.

In 1993 the WWW team wrote an advert for the web that appeared in Tagung Deutsches ForschungsNetz. They wrote:

To find out about WWW:
telnet [a command you would type into your network-enabled computer]

This will give you the very basic line-mode interface. Don’t be disappointed: use it to find out how to install it or more advanced graphical interface browsers on your local system.

The first URL was:

For many years, this URL has been dormant, inactive. It simply redirected to the web host root of