Still no YAPC::Euope 2013 proposals!!!

After the deadline for submitting requests for proposals to YAPC::EU 2013 has not received any.
This may cause not to hold the YAPC::Europe next year.

For this reason it calls for efforts for applications but also can again consider allowing cities that have already hosted one YAPC.

It’s really not much work, and all reports from previous organizers stating otherwise are grossly exaggerated!

Here’s the whole Call for Venue, and here is a detailed document on what to do to bring YAPC::Europe 2013 to your wonderful hometown. And for even more organizers know-how, check out Perl Jam an upcoming book about “How to organise a conference … and live to tell the tale.” by barbie (also available on github).

Source: Domm’s blog

–Good Perl!–