On 10 March 2012 Perl Mongers group of Barcelona (Barcelona.pm) organize an advanced course in Perl that will last all day and combine theory and practice.

Advanced perl poster

This is a course aimed at people who already know Perl (for example, attending the introductory course of 2011) and explaining advanced concepts that allow you to get a good advantage of the knowledge acquired. Please consult the introductory course material, found in the group of Barcelona.pm on Slideshare.

You can follow this event at barcelona.pm


09:00 – Welcome
09:30 – Installation, tools and Perl modules
11:30 – Break
12:00 – Object Orientation: Moose
14:00 – Lunch (Lunch is included with the course fee)
15:30 – Databases: DBI, DBIx :: Class
17:00 – Break
17:30 – Web Frameworks: Catalyst, Mojolicious
19:00 – End of the course

Good Perl!