I always see how motivated I had developed something that was executed and was used by others, is a sensation that makes you feel alive. Feeling like vouchers for something and what you do is used by 10, 20, 100, 1,000 or 10,000 people simply “make me.” The programmer is a creator of new realities. As a developer you feel powerless to change things and solve problems for others.

When someone tells a programmer a problem occurs in that moment a small smile that comes from his subconscious, and with an air of superiority, gives a solution to your problem. There’s always that feeling of “being superior” in two minutes to solve the problem of hours of hundreds of users. So programmers constantly demand recognition, the kit is the recognition of this profession.


I love open the editor, I love thinking while developing, I love to display, I feel alive when I program runs.

Do not think, just check if the program does what we think we should do.

When you begin to plan and you have a problem, not think, because it really is what programs you like. Do not think about making money, not thinking about saving time, not thinking about produce, just do not think. The only thing you want is to run to your room where the screen is where you spend more than half the time of your life and you fight with yourself. Advance past that challenge, to compete without an opponent, to celebrate great victories in the desert just because you thought it works.

2. Gambling? Passion? Profession?


  • In other work that people spend weekends “working”.
  • In other work that works for free to deliver the work to the common good (free software).
  • Where else will you work the head, being with friends, wondering if the “IF” was well placed.
  • In what other job gives you 4:00 in the morning and do not you find out.

There are jobs where there are only met these maxims that PASSIONS AND GAMES met. Program can therefore fall into the category of games and passions.

3. Think? Did you analyze? “PROGRAM? Education?

When you think you have had limited time to schedule programming has to do with:

  • Computers.
  • With languages.
  • With bbdd.
  • Platforms.
  • With S.O.

When programming is time you realize you have to do:

  • To think.
  • To analyze.
  • To solve.
  • With abstraction.
  • To simplify.
  • With self-improvement.

Programming is the art of realizing the solution of a problem in a system. It is programmed with the keyboard and mouse with the program head. Programming is like going to clean a solution to a problem you’ve just done on paper. Programming is transcribed, is pure calligraphy. When the program is not intended and when you think no program, do not mix, one thing at a time.


How do you program? Thinking, analyzing and a lot of passion.